Some applications using Elemental

Externally-developed applications

MADNESS — Multiresolution ADaptive NumErical Scientific Simulation

Madness is a framework for scientific simulation in many dimensions using adaptive multiresolution methods in multiwavelet bases.

PETSc — Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation

PETSc is a heavily-used library for solving large-scale computational science problems on distributed-memory machines. PETSc currently interfaces to Elemental for its distributed-memory dense linear algebra.


The SmallK is a high performance software package for low rank matrix approximation via the nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF).


The Skylark library supplies sketching-based Numerical Linear Algebra (NLA) kernels for general statistical data analysis and optimization applications.

Extensions developed by core Elemental developers

PSP — Parallel Sweeping Preconditioner

PSP is a prototype parallel sweeping preconditioner for large-scale heterogeneous 3D time-harmonic wave equations.

Real-Time Low-rank Plus Sparse MRI

RT-LPS-MRI is a distributed-memory parallelization of a Low-Rank Plus Sparse decomposition for dynamically accelerated MRI.