11/27/2011: Elemental 0.71



  • More work on the documentation
  • Added a routine for computing the determinant of a general matrix, advanced::Determinant, and a version which returns a higher precision result, advanced::SafeDeterminant
  • Added a routine for computing the matrix trace, advanced::Trace
  • Added an O(n) algorithm for composing pivots for an entire matrix
  • Added a lower triangular version of advanced::HPDInverse
  • Added a version of advanced::SortEig for sorting just eigenvalues
  • Added a few routines to Grid to ease naive usage
  • std::bad_alloc exceptions in the Memory class are now caught in debug builds

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a sign error in advanced::HPDInverse
  • Fixed a syntax error in advanced::HouseholderSolve
  • Fixed several instances of the Matrix class initializing the leading dimension to 0 (which is incompatible with BLAS)
  • Fixed many std namespace issues throughout the headers which were artifacts of the conversion from source files to header files

Other changes

  • Renamed Shape to UpperOrLower since it was ambiguous
  • Renamed basic::LocalTriangularRankK to basic::LocalTrrk, and similarly basic::LocalTriangularRank2K to basic::LocalTrr2k
  • All member variables now postfix underscores rather than prefixing
  • Partway through converting Matrix and DistMatrix classes to template over the integer type