08/06/2012: Elemental 0.76



  • Added a PETSc-style Makefile include (elemvariables) to simplify the usage of the library
  • Added a large number of links into the documentation
  • Added a toolchain file for NERSC’s HOPPER (and simplified the others)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several mistakes in workspace sizes for calls to LAPACK’s bidiagonal SVD
  • Fixed several mistakes in the SVD routines
  • Fixed a missing alignment free in Trdtrmm
  • Restored support for MPI-1 by only using MPI_IN_PLACE when it is available
  • Moved prototypes for BLAS and LAPACK functions out of header files to avoid conflicts with previous definitions
  • Avoiding problems from the availability of OpenMP changing between configuration and compilation

Syntactic changes

  • Renamed the CMake options “BUILD_TESTS” and “BUILD_EXAMPLES” to “ELEM_TESTS” and “ELEM_EXAMPLES”
  • Renamed “LUSolve” to “SolveAfterLU”