03/27/2013: Elemental 0.78-p1



  • Revamped experimental C and F90 interfaces
  • Added an early prototype of a Python interface (must be manually built)
  • Added zero-norm computation (number of nonzero entries)
  • Added entrywise and (unoptimized) singular-value soft-thresholding
  • Added (unoptimized) Robust PCA example

Bug fixes

  • Fixed mistake in Grid( MPI_Comm comm ) constructor which would have greatly effected performance
  • Fixed typo in CMakeLists.txt which prevented specification of MPI_Allreduce+memcpy based MPI_Reduce_scatter
  • Fixed detection of MPI_IN_PLACE
  • Fixed mistake in Matrix documentation


  • Renamed LockedView() member function in Matrix and DistMatrix classes to Locked() to avoid confusion with LockedView function