03/07/2013: Elemental 0.78



  • Added Schatten, KyFan, and entrywise norms (and explicitly exposed each norm)
  • Added Hadamard products
  • Added Cholesky-based QR factorization for tall-skinny matrices
  • Faster builds due to support for non-monolithic header inclusion

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs in Trtrmm and Trdtrmm which effected upper HPDInverse
  • Fixed bugs in [MD,* ] and [* ,MD] alignment routines
  • Fixed bug in [MC,MR] TransposeFrom member function
  • Added check for MPI threading support when initializing Elemental in hybrid mode
  • Fixed conjugation problem in sequential complex Hilbert-Schmidt inner product
  • Fixed detection of MPI_Reduce_scatter_block


  • Removed unnecessary ‘Local’ prefix from many routines, e.g., LocalLength and LocalMatrix
  • Separated LogBarrier and LogDetDivergence into folder for convex optimization
  • No longer attempt to automatically detect MKL during configuration
  • Simplified inclusion of Elemental as CMake subproject
  • Pulled many member functions out of (and generally simplified) DistMatrix class
  • Removed many redundancies with respect to symmetric and Hermitian implementations
  • Greatly simplified Dot and Dotu implementations
  • Detection for MPI_Comm_set_errhandler (replaces MPI_Errhandler_set in MPI3)
  • Shortened code for MPI wrappers
  • Many more toolchain files (and removed support for XL)

Open issues

  • Forcing PMRRR to avoid threading in Pure builds when launched in a multi-threaded environment